Pau Sanchez
Programming, technology & business


Maker at heart. I created and contributed to lots of projects over the years.

Above everything I’m a human being. I make mistakes but I try my best to learn from them and get better.

I put my heart and soul into the things I do and I love working with people who share my passion on doing great stuff.

I currently work from Spain, where there are great people, great weather and great food.

T-Shaped. Avid learner. Critical thinker. Team player. Customer-centric. Pragmatic (with an eye on the long-term and striving for high-quality). Goal-oriented. Curious, not judgemental. I love and thrive on challenges. I try to be the best version of myself everyday.

I care about people. I make things happen.

Over twenty years of experience leading, developing and releasing several high-quality products used by 100+ million users around the world.

Self-motivated. I have experience in leading, motivating, managing and coordinating multidisciplinary teams in local or remote settings across different countries and timezones.

I worked as a developer, as a scrum-master, as a team lead, as a CTO and as head of a business division with 10M+ ARR with high margin.

I love programming and making great products.

My background is highly technical. Excellent problem-solving abilities and programming skills using top industry technologies and standards. C/C++, Node.js, Python, GoLang, PHP, Java, sqlite/redis/postgres/mysql/bigquery, Vue, HTML/CSS/Javascript, x86/64 assembler, dalvik assembler,… Top contributor in multiple products and technologies, ranging from DRM for Windows(x86), Android (ARM) and .NET, rapidMARK (allows playing a game by only downloading a fraction of it without requiring any change nor integrating any SDK from the original developer), OGM/AMI to launch PC games directly from the website, rebuilt from scratch an ETL and event gathering system to make it fast, reliable and accurate, created an auth service used by other tools… and many many more. Two patents.

In 2009 and 2010 I launched Fonize and Tradushop taking some angel-investor money & advice. These products never had wide adoption but gave me good experience in understanding the basics of a business and helped me grow and change from a developer mindset to a business mindset.

In 2005 I launched ARTypist as a side-project/experiment to create a product from scratch from start to end. Main site is outdated, but still, 6.5M+ guests and 250k+ accounts completed more than 100M exercises, 20M+ of them by registered users, and counting.

If you’d like to get in touch send me an email.