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Time Management

Aunque no le hago mucho caso al Twitter, gracias a un twit de Aitor Garcia me encuentro con un video que habla sobre como gestionar tu tiempo, titulado “Time Management” del profesor Randy Pausch.

La charla es muy recomendable y además es bastante amena. El único “pero” es que está en inglés.

Algunas frases interesantes y/o que me han llamado la atención:

  • [minuto 28] If you have a bunch of things to do, do the ugliest thing first! Si tienes que comerte una rana, no pierdas mucho tiempo mirandola; si te tienes que comer tres, empieza por la más grande (equivalente a “Todas las mañanas, desayunate un sapo”)
  • [minuto 33] Having a place you know you put something, really beats all hell out of running around for an hour, going: “Where is it? I know it’s blue… and I was eating something when I read it.
  • [minuto 40] Start by announcing goals for the call. “Hello Sue, this is Randy, I call you because I have three things that I want to get done”
  • [minuto 42] Group your phone calls. Call people right before lunch or right before the end of the day.
  • [minuto 43] I can talk and run a bike at the same time, amazing the skills sets I have!
  • [minuto 50] If you don’t have time to do things you make it, and you make it by deleting things
  • [minuto 53] Find your creative time and defend it ruthlessly
  • [minuto 54] interruption takes typically 6-9 minutes, but then there’s a 5 minute recovery to get your head back into what you’re doing.
  • [minuto 67] if you’re going to delegate something to a subordinate is, you grant them authority with responsibility
  • [minuto 70] give people objectives not procedures and they will surprise you with a way of solving a problem in a way you never imagined
  • [minuto 72] when people do things that you like, please them and thank them
  • [minuto 73] if a meeting has no agenda, I won’t attend
  • [minuto 73] at the end of the meeting someone has to write down in a minute or less what decisions got made and who is responsible for what by when and email out to everybody
  • [minuto 77 ] if you want to get something done, do not send an email to five peopl: “Hey is anybody taking care of it?”
  • [minuto 79] it is not a vacation if you are reading e-mails
  • [minuto 81] you always have time to sleep
  • [minuto 83] revisit this talk on the web and ask yourself “What I have changed”

Para los interesados o la gente que no quiera gastar su tiempo viendo el vídeo, aquí está la transcripción en PDF. De todos modos creo que merece la pena ver el video.